Sustainability Program Case Study

“Though we are leading in sustainability, the competition is beginning to wake up.
We need to showcase our leadership and refresh our message, especially on social media.”


As the 1st cable manufacturer to receive LEED, EPD’s, HPD’s and Zero Waste to Landfill designation, The Company is the category front-runner. The competition is increasing their sustainability footprint. The Company is committed to securing its front-runner status and wanted to separate further from the pack.


The Marketer moved to define and re-establish the sustainability brand and develop an inclusive campaign unifying the multiple products within the sustainability profile. The Marketer created and launched the #Whatsbehindyourwalls campaign with a high emphasis on social media engagement.


Test pilot was launched garnering an increase of 360% impressions on LinkedIn. The premier launch at the Greenbuild conference over 3 days resulted in:


2,270 unique impressions and 77 interactions.


4,605 unique impressions and 97 interactions.


A combined total of 52 mentions.


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