Innovation Case Study

“This product is innovative but complex, how do we message it fast for
maximum visibility to our customers and prospects?”


The Company partnered with juggernaut Cisco to develop a new Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) cable with the promise of revolutionizing the Smart Building industry. The company needed to develop and execute a full funnel plan to generate new business and market this new tech.

  • The cable >>>> Smart
  • The opportunities >>>> High
  • The tech >>>> Complex


The product was set to launch at Cicso Live’s Digital Ceiling Pavilion, requiring an MVP website. The Company needed engaging the product managers to develop new partners whose products physically connect endpoint to endpoint with the PowerWise, Power-over-Ethernet cable. Over 3 years, the strategy was tested, refined and re-designed.


The Smart Building’s PoE strategy is a core sales component and serves as a foundation of continuous revenue growth.


Launched the MVP website (link PowerWise site).


Developed core partners specific to revenue growth.


PowerWise products showcased in the 1st fully PoE enabled hotel.


Historic hotel, West Baden implemented PowerWise cable.

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