Channel Partner Case Study

“We need to increase the visibility of our new products in our channels.”


The channel partners or the Big 4 are direct drivers of regional sales. Each offers individual programs, mainly focused on legacy products which limited sales growth in newer product sects. The programs lacked cohesion and were increasing in cost year or over year with limited results in new sales.


The goal was to develop cohesive programs to target new production in an effort to increase sales up to 6 – 10% in varying regions specific to new products. A secondary goal was to streamline the separate channel marketing programs into one data driven program.


New training modules were developed for channel partner sales team, focusing on new products. Targeted sales incentive plans were developed for under-performing regions. Funds were funneled into a centralized marketing program for training, development and social media.


An overall sales growth on 4% across all channels


11.8% growth in new products sales


Increased visibility in a mainline channel partner in their social media activity.


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