B2B Program Case Study

“We need a B2B program, unlike others to fully separate us from our competition.”


Re-envision how B2B programs are devised and focus on a stand-out program in a hyper-competitive industry. The current B2B programs have all been done before. The company wanted B2B program to lead to higher tier executives in new and diverse verticals.


Starting from scratch, the B2B Race Team was born. A program like none other the company had seen was initiated with one car. Race cars require a substantial investment. The goal became two-fold, initiating a new program and funding it. The Marketer developed a program for maximum car exposure and a sponsorship program across channel and partners to fund the car and the driver.


For approximately 3 years, the program is touted as the highest yield of The Company’s individual programs. The funding in the first year for the race car was reduced by 72% and now it is fully sponsored.


Car 14 Showcased in Nascar Heat video game available on PlayStation.


Expand to truck series and top ranking new driver.
Social media for race team engagement rises monthly by 34%.


$14.6M revenue gains in MN and TX new stadiums.
New resort in FL with new flagship products of $25M+.


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